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Name: Jenda
Years: 24

Hello Jacquiem, Welcome to Beyond Blue Forums, I am sorry you are struggling with fear and being afraid, I can understand how your feeling, I have also and still do struggle with fear, its not a good feeling to get. Kind regards, Sophie M. Hello John Welcome to the forum. By the way I am Bob from Townsville.

People are so nice when you start to struggle and they all show some empathy and understand where the information. Just ed up so I can have a place to chat about my depression and anxiety. Thtough the day distraction works by giving your mind a break from your thoughts of fear, something that you could try are internet games ie: jigsaws, colouringin, the idea is to fully concerntrate on the task your doing. It could be days, weeks or even months, there is no time frame. Welcome to the forum.

Is anyone interested in chatting with me for minutes? You have 2 minutes left before being logged out. No point in a new tractor if your animals are dying in the paddock!

Jump in and tell us how you are going. Please reach out whenever you need.

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A part of my class requires me to become more emersed in the Deaf community by attending events, ing ASL practice groups, and chatting with people involved in the community. I realized I replied to myself, not to you!

Often can feel like thathold strongit does get better. SD is nice you took the time to reply At this point in time for me I wish I had a close friend, no one to talk to is sending me up the wall, sometimes feel like doing a shirley valentine if you have ever watched the movie. Take care John. I'm not here always but I usually pop in a few times a day, Caring thoughts Grandy. I live alone.

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It's great that you have ed up. I developed really bad anxiety last year and was not coping at all. I wish for so many things to change but I cannot change these things and the hard part for me is that a lot of my problems are not caused BY me Kindness only Grandy. Like the roller coasterembrace the good days. What would you like to talk about? Depression and anxiety are old friends for many of us here. No charge for sending you these items.

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At this point in time for me I wish I had a close friend, no one to talk to is sending me up the wall, sometimes feel like doing a shirley valentine if you have ever watched the movie. I feel so! Cancel The title field is required!

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I live in a rural community and have a small business with my husband. Click to expand Hi, I know that feeling. I was told a few months ago that our brain can think only one thought at a time, the more we try distraction the easier it gets.

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That sounds great! It's important. Do you have people to talk with?

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Now you stay in touch with this group and me. I am an over 50 always been the rock for my family, but I can't keep up any more. Hey John, How are you doing in South Australia? But my life story since birth is long and filled with titanic sadness. It's good to talk here but I think you would be better served to start your own thre in the depression or anxiety forums. Hello Way in, I am sorry your struggling, and feel the way you are. I feel numb. I am just under 50 and do all of the books for work etc. When you keep giving to other people it can be exhausting.

People have already ed, jump in!

Hopefully there are some good places to start for you. We would encrouage both yourself and your mum to reach out to the BeyondBlue phoneline 22 and speak to one of the trained professionals there. I have depression and it comes and goes. No one seems to understand. I have 'no one cares no one cares no one cares' repeating on a loop in my head.

Thank you for the help! You would be surprised at how many people put on a mask in public to hide behind.

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Log in. Micky J. Hi Sueondafarm, it does seem like it is never ending. It's sad when our friends and family have little knowledge about depression and anxiety.

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Anyways, very cool! BB has lots of information you can read and download to your computer.

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I can understand how your feeling, I have also and still do struggle with fear, its not a good feeling to get. Thank you for showing the courage to reach out for support on the forums - that is a very brave step to take. There are lots of thre on bb with success stories, and many thre that has great suggestions about helping our selves, your welcome tom take a look through the thre, and feel free to in the conversation if you want to. They may have feelings just like you and like you would welcome the opportunity to chat. Can you look at the drop down list under The Facts at the top of the.

the online community Community rules Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak. We have good friends that were impacted during the drought and I know there was plenty of hoops to jump through to receive help. You are using an out of date browser. Korey Geer said:.

It's probably not true but is so hard to talk about your difficulties to someone who looks all together. It doesn't matter how long that is, you'll know? Put yourself first. up below for regular s filled with information, advice and support for you or your loved ones.

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Take care, xx. New posts. Forum membership is open to anyone residing in Australia.

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Feeling that no one cares is a hard place to be. I think getting some of this information may be useful to you and useful to your family and friends There is at least one publication for family and friends.

Hope your in a better place at the moment. Thank you again for being a part of the community and feel free to drop back in and let us know how you are going when you feel ready. I think he is simply introducing himself, but it's good to support others. Way inI often tell people about how they are feeling because I know how it feels and it's such a relief to know someone else feels this way.

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