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Dawn and Cassie walk away from the school as Cassie reveals how she knows Buffy sent Dawn to befriend Cassie. Coins fall from one of the lockers, drawing Buffy's attention. Dawn catches up with Cassie and they talk about Cassie's friend Mike, who has continuously asked Cassie to an upcoming dance and been rejected every time. What are your thoughts on a Buffy reboot?

: Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7 episodes American television episodes Television episodes about precognition Television episodes about death Television episodes about bullying. Buffy returns to work, knowing that while she will always try her best, sometimes she just can't help anyone.

This article has multiple issues. Meg Bonney: Hello! I had the pleasure of chatting with Amber about her new book, Buffy and all things magical. I am a huge fan and I wish you all the best!

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It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. She was always going to die, no matter what happened, and Cassie knew that Buffy would be at her side when her prediction came true. Buffy talks with more students, including her own sister, but one girl, Cassie Newtonstuns Buffy when she confesses that she's going to die next Friday and that there will be many coins. Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. Please help to demonstrate the notability of the topic by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide ificant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

Meanwhile, a group of guys in red cloaks walk around a circle and burn pictures of Cassie on a tray in the middle. Just then a student named Peter approaches, and Cassie, knowing she won't see Dawn again, tells Dawn that nothing that is about to happen is her fault. Here we will chat with an author about their work and their favorite nerdy loves!

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Related Articles. Buffy feels that she has failed, but a devastated Dawn corrects her, saying Buffy didn't fail since she tried to save Cassie; it was because of her that Dawn and Cassie were friends. She had been waiting for them outside of her father's house, and although she appreciates Buffy's efforts to find the cause, she knows there's nothing Buffy can do. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Rebecca Rand Kirshner. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Without spoiling it, what can you tell us about this book. He makes it clear he doesn't mind, and is thinking about asking Dawn to the dance instead. The coven is the last thing standing in the way of that happening. The student confesses that some of his friends want to hurt Cassie. AB: The Flood is the antithesis of the Echo Park coven of witches who are the main protagonists of the books.

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Close Log In. MB: Lastly, any advice for writers out there who are still working on getting published? Buffy tells Cassie that one person can make a difference, to which Cassie responds, "And you will," before gasping and falling to the ground, dead.

After spilling coffee onto her white shirt, Buffy is apprehensive and sends Dawn to befriend Cassie. He checks with the others to make sure the school is secure and that no one can get in or out. Upstairs, Principal Wood and another administrator search through student lockers for anything suspicious.

As Peter starts the ritual, Buffy reveals herself as one of the cloaked people. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file.

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Buffy the Cassie walk away together, chat Peter on his own. Willow finds a website on Cassie's father that shows his buffy past with the law and alcohol. List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer slayers. MB: Will there be more books in this series? Hidden : Articles needing additional vampires from July All articles needing additional references Articles with topics of unclear notability from July All articles with topics of unclear notability Television articles with topics of unclear notability Articles to be expanded from July All articles to be expanded Articles with multiple maintenance issues Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated names.

Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. Buffy reports Cassie to Principal Woodbut he's not as helpful as she'd like. Thanks for reading! Though Buffy is convinced that Cassie has a precognitive ability and given up hope for survival, Xander and Willow are both skeptical despite all the experiences they had with the paranormal. However, Cassie then states that it doesn't matter as the two are now clearly real friends. Buffy and Xander visit Cassie's father and confront him with their suspicion that he may get drunk and hurt his daughter.

Newton confidently denies the accusation after he goes on about how his ex-wife only allows him to spend one weekend a month with his daughter. Newton is not involved, Buffy and Xander leave and bump into Cassie.

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Peter asks Dawn about the dance, but not to ask her to go with him. Still motivated to help Cassie, Buffy re poetry from Cassie's site and continues to investigate with the rest of the gang despite Xander and Willow's skepticism, and Dawn becomes close with Cassie and Mike. What fandom makes you geek out the most? This article needs additional citations for verification. MB: We all get way too into our fandoms here at PureFandom. Newton's weekend with Cassie was the one, therefore not only does he not have the chance to hurt Cassie, but if Cassie's prediction is true, then he will not see her again before her death.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7. MB: Do you have any events coming up? AB: Just keep writing. Check out my interview with J. After he rips her gag off, Cassie says to him, "She'll tell you. The gang are now convinced as Buffy of Cassie's unique gift; they all sadly realize that even though they may be able to avert outcomes, but not on fate.

The next day, the Scooby Gang gathers at Revello Drive and solemnly talks about how Cassie died because of a congenital heart defect. Buffy uses the torch to burn the demon while Spike cuts Cassie free from her bonds. Thank you for the great questions. Someday, she'll tell you. Download as PDF Printable version. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk. When an irritated Dawn turns back toward Cassie, she is gone. Close Search for.

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He doesn't. Willow and Xander walk together and talk about Buffy's struggles and Willow's worries about her role in dealing with the impending Hellmouth danger. Views Read Edit View history. In one of the caskets, the three find a deceased woman that they suspect of being a vampire, and rightfully so, as the woman comes to life and is promptly staked.

Buffy takes one of the coins and the of the locker where they came from and talks to the student the locker belongs to. Buffy then finds out that Mr. Buffy fights the demon and Spike shows up with a flaming torch to help, having temporarily regained his sanity. Keep up with Amber on her website and follow her on twitter!

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She talks about all the things she wishes she could do and makes it clear that she doesn't want to die; it's just what is going to happen on Friday. Once the lights are turned out at a funeral home, BuffyXander and Dawn climb out of caskets. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. As Buffy turns to leave, Spike asks her to stay, but she tells him that her presence seems to worsen his condition and leaves.

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