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In this forum, members and unregistered guests can ask questions regarding every facet of the otherkin community. So yes, fiction-kin are legitimate and it would be hypocritical in the extreme for other otherkin to say otherwise say that 5 times fast. Only members of our community who have validated their address can view these forums to ensure privacy.

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Welcome to kinmunity - we're an online community resource and forum for alterhumans including: otherkin, therians, vampires, and others with non-human identities

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The ability to chat with others in our Discord server. What does the word otherkin mean? Community news is posted here by the administration. You can shift your attention away. My reader tells me it hasn't been updated in about a year.

The Dens are a secured area for registered members of Kinmunity only. Copingkin is a Tumblr chat where a person identifies as an animal or a character as a coping mechanism for one reason or another. For some their astral bodies shift into their kin, others it comes in dreams, while for some old memories resurface along with the knowledge. As long as their actions do not harm themselves or those around them, they do not need any sort of assistance and those actions are probably not related to being otherkin.

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Welcome to the Otherkin Community. Otherkin are like the more or less mythical or non typical type of kin more along the range of dragon, angel, wolvrn, and mermaids. Fingers off the keyboard little warrior.

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The ability to create,and participate in social groups! The wolvrn have two different terms their first term as their wolf form and their second term with is a more human like form that has all of the heightened senses and same social structure as their wolvrn first term forms.

Thre Messages 3. Would you expect them to get angry? The less you think about something the less it affects you.

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This encompasses everything from domestic animals to extinct creatures, barring humans. Because no otherkin are valid. You can leave forums or websites. Anonymous asked: Would it be wrong to "stop identifying" as some of my kintypes?

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Welcome to the Otherkin Community! Suggestion Box This is the suggestions forum; if you yelp loud enough, you might just get what you're looking for - don't hesitate to suggest new features or changes! Welcome to Kinmunity - We're an online community resource and forum for alterhumans otherkin otherkin, therians, vampires, and others with non-human identities In order to receive full access to Kinmunity, you'll have to register an.

Thre 9 Messages It may not display this or chat websites correctly. Thre may occasionally also be moved here by staff if they get too long and are of a comedic or gaming nature. How can you be kin with a fictional character?

Furthermore, the mechanism by which one identifies as non-human is likely the same regardless of the specifics of what one identifies as. There is no proof our belief is true, we have no founding evidence, we have no solid facts to show that otherkin is valid. How do you know if your a therian Or otherkin? Yesterday at PM Finna Alsvartr. Mod Shlion. It also explains why there are more than one version of each character, and the differences between them.

Wolvrn are a star seed wolf type breed that are born of their stars land as personifications of a specific part of the land like a certain Brook, forest, tree, mineral, etc. Thre 56 Messages Thre 80 Messages 3. Otherkin like most beliefs should be respected, but by definition we are not valid.

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In order to receive full access to Kinmunity, you'll have to register an. What's new Search. Install the app. What is an otherkin? What do you do with the knowledge? Some common ones are mermaid pixie, and pixie elven crosses.

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The forest is for general discussion and socializing. This applies not just to kin-related things, but forums, fandoms, relationships, a lot of things. My apologies for my absence but it has been a very, very long year in my neck of the woods.

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And I worry this phrasing will undermine that. Submit a post Archive. You are the only one who can say for sure what you are. The past is the past and there just is nothing gained by living in it. Occasionally, newsfeeds of relevance may also be posted here by KinBot. Site Operations This category is for all matters involving the site's governance and operations.

Yesterday at PM moby. Search titles only. Blogs New entries New comments Blog list Search blogs. Wednesday at PM Ninetails.

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You can leave the tags. This months chat challenge is to find a new fact about your kin type or a kin type you think is cool or interesting and share it in chat. The Forest The forest is for general discussion and socializing. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. How do you become otherkin?

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How good is Amino? If you have already registered, please. New posts. Anonymous asked: Do you think fictionkin are valid? Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Current Events This forum is for discussing news and current events. Chit Chat Basically; this area is like your neighborhood coffee shop. You will not receive bones or increase your post count by posting here. Registering gives you access to the following features:. So what are you waiting for?

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Donation drives Yearly Maintenance The funds in the yearly maintainence are used to cover recurring expenses involved with running Kinmunity. Kinmunity today! Registering gives you access to the following features: The ability to create new thre and reply to existing ones on our forums. Their improper usage of terminology is what makes them harmful to the community.

Today at AM Lepus alleni.

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Take care of yourself. Forums New posts Search forums. Multiverse theory is the most commonly accepted reason for spiritual fictionkin. Media New media New comments Search media.

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